This website could not have happened without lots of help and patience from our partner 828 Technologies! Skål International New York also wants to bring attention to our friends at the Empire Hotel Group. Our 2014 President and current 2015 president are part of the Empire Hotel Group​ and our club has benefited tremendously from it. Our annual summer BBQ is hosted by the Travel Inn Hotel which is part of the Empire Hotel Group. Through their continued support, our board meetings are regularly held at one of their member properties. Their support for the 2013 world congress was invaluable and we thank them! I know Robert and Monica would be happy to answer questions and help you if you or your clients would like to stay at any of the properties in the Empire Hotel Group.


I would also like to take a moment and recognize my own company, Air & Marine Travel Service  who have been very gracious to allow me to serve on the board of Skål International New York and oversee several projects for the chapter while still doing my day job.